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Featured Reviews

Travel & Wine:    Sideways in Santa Barbara Wine Country

Santa Rita Fall No.6 Us

We’ve all seen the movie. Was Miles’ soulful devotion to the Pinot of Santa Rita Hills worth the bargain? We finally decided to find out.

Travel:    New Zealand: A Caravan Experience

Milford Clearing

New Zealand is a haven for scenery and wine lovers who enjoy the RV (or “caravan”) experience.

Imagine a day like this one: Cooked breakfast in the caravan, with panoramic views of the famed Tongariro volcanoes Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. A mid-morning hike to get spectacular shots of the local topology and emerald-tinged alpine lakes. A drive to the next wine region on the list – Hawkes Bay, with ever-changing scenery en-route. Lunch at a local winery. Wine tastings at five other wineries, all with outstanding offerings. Check-in at a caravan park on the beach. A late afternoon walk on the beach. A relaxing glass of local wine in the caravan while cooking a gourmet dinner of pan-seared NZ scallops, together with beach-bluff views and sounds of the Pacific. To top it all, freshly sliced local golden kiwis drizzled with Rotorua honey, and a nod off into dreams of what the next day will bring – warmth of the caravan.

Travel & Wine:    New Zealand: A Wine & Scenery Epilogue

Wanaka Vineyard

We experienced some of the best wines, winemakers, scenery and outdoor activities anywhere, all in such relative proximity. Caravanning is the most economical and flexible way to navigate through it, and we truly appreciated NZ’s popular support for caravan goers, as evidenced by the plethora of caravan parks and amenities in almost every little town. The abundance of exceptional wines and extraordinary fresh food (such as NZ meats, fish, fruits and cheeses) provides a gastronomic delight for the caravan chefs among us.

Art:    Black & White Luminaries: Insight into Ansel Adams & John Garrett

Mt. McKinley and Wonder Lake

Those of us driven to black & white photography as a medium and fine art form can usually point to established practitioners and a specific set of their creations as progenitors of our own creative process. Ansel Adams and John Garrett are two such pioneers that produced inspirational pieces with a compelling story behind them.

Wine:    Tips on Bottle Aging

Old Wine Bottles

Cellaring wines for at least two years can yield exceptional results, especially for less-costly wines. But how can one tell a priori what will age well and what won’t?

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